Creating a World Class Brand

The B-Elite brand wasn’t just a new clothing line for It launched the overall rebrand for the entire company.  It introduced a newly simplified brand mark, a refreshed color palette, specific hero photography, creative packaging, a new graphical user interface for fullsite/mobile/native,  and a beautiful new essence for the brand to take forward.

Built With The Brand In Mind

The entire line was meant to not only create a high quality value product for customers but to also launch a refresh for the brand overall.  From stem to stern we wanted the B-Elite line to take risks and result in a direction the entire company could go while staying true to the core brand DNA.

The resulting product had a new in the forefront throughout the entire experience.  With hexagonal patterns, a new logo, a refreshed color palette, company mantras, and more woven throughout the product and packaging, no detail was overlooked.

This project was a collaboration between various stakeholders in the company and resulted in the sale of over $1 million in product

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Refreshed Branding Hero Imagery

As they say, “an image is worth 1000 words.”  With the B Elite line, the hero imagery was completely rethought and was carefully directed to evoke a greater sense of aspiration among viewers.  Working with some of the industry’s best photographers, we were able to capture a look that is bold and beautiful.

Advanced Merchandising

To really communicate the value propositions of the B Elite Clothing Line we knew it would be important to get creative with merchandising and product pages.

Product pages allowed users to preview different colors, see the zoom views of fabric composition and read more about the revolutionary processes used to get the end result.

We wanted to take the branding a bit further and so we created our own names for the revolutionary fabrics used with terms like “Lifted Cotton” , “Power Clean Anti-Microbial” , and more.

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The Details Matter

If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing right.  With the B Elite line every detail was given special attention and care.  Everything from the patterns used in the clothing to the packaging and hangtags all carry the branding and create a consistent and powerful message to the customer.

The copy we wrote for the hangtag to sum up the overall mission of the line:

“The Elite Series was built with one person in mind: you.  Your incessant drive to be the best, your unstoppable desire to reach your health and fitness goals, and your need for innovative comfort and style form the foundation of the Elite Series.  Change your body, change your life – and do it in style.”

Because this was an entirely new brand, it was important to ensure visualization and packaging was translated into product catalogs, optimized e-commerce web landing pages for SEM campaigns, and all other marketing collateral.

Take Your Fitness To The Next Level

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