The Best Ingredients Deserve To Look Good

Designing the packaging, digital landing pages, and overall branding for the Platinum Series Supplements was a focus on beauty and simplicity.

Winning Packaging

The packaging for this series not only impressed customers and introduced some of the world’s highest quality supplements to the world, but it also impressed judges as it won a national Effie Packaging Award. wanted the overall essence to include the core brand DNA but have subtle differentiators that helped communicate value propositions to the end user.

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Telling the full story with data Visualization

Data can be difficult to consume without visual indicators that help paint the full picture.  Rich data visualization was a focus in the creation of the Platinum Series Supplement line.

Giving the user a clear depiction of health benefits compared to other products in the industry also helped the brand differentiate itself from the competition.

Because this was an entirely new brand, it was important to ensure visualization and packaging was translated into product catalogs, optimized e-commerce web landing pages for SEM campaigns, and all other marketing collateral.