Cascading brand definition through channels

In collaboration with with BDDO in New York, and multiple other stakeholders, we helped define new branding standards for HP Worldwide including iconography, infographics, and animation.

Iconic Iconography

Icons add impact to communications because they enrich the stories companies tell about their brands. An icon isn’t a decorative visual element, it’s a functional tool—designed to engage, inform and guide audiences.

Purposeful: Every icon serves a purpose beyond simple decoration.
Singular concept: Every icon must focus on only one idea.
Simple: Icons should be uncomplicated, using minimal detail to communicate clearly.
Authentic: Icons should be reality-based, not exaggerated. Avoid comic or clip-art motifs.
Legible: Icons must be scalable to ensure legibility at both small and large sizes.
Independent: Icons should always stand on their own, without any holding shape.
Consistent: Use line weights and design elements that retain consistency within the system.

We helped HP define iconography standards and create a family of visuals for use in various collateral types.

Video, Animation & Motion Guidelines

Rich multimedia experiences bring brands to life. They can be used to communicate complex information in a simple, approachable way, using the key elements of defined visual and verbal identity to create a consistent  experience that always reinforces a brand.

We helped HP define how visual stories are told through hero animation vignettes.

Every memorable story, from the most complex novel to the simplest ad, shares a fundamental conflict:aprotagonist,orhero,hasagoalandhas to overcome obstacles in order to achieve it. A well-structured story about a real challenge—and that challenge can be as simple as needing to communicate with someone across town or make a good impression on a potential client—makes even the most straightforward information engaging for viewers. It allows them into the action. It creates an emotional connection that lets viewers identify with the hero’s challenges and celebrate their wins.

Storytelling with Infographics

An information graphic is an effective storytelling tool that can make complex information more immediate and easier to understand. Information graphics combine visual and typographic elements such as colors, shapes, lines and type, to simplify facts, processes and systems and highlight key data.

We created information graphics for HP that were unique and distinct to the brand.

As a result, while individual messages and audiences may vary, the guiding principles for the information graphics did not.

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